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Blog / 4 Tips for Decorating Your Home With Mirrors

4 Tips for Decorating Your Home With Mirrors

Human beings have been staring into mirrors throughout a lot of history. In that time, we’ve discovered that mirrors can serve other functions and purposes beyond making sure we’ve combed our hair and put our makeup on straight. Mirrors can serve as ornamentation, for example. When used in interior decorating, mirrors provide a list of uses and effects, for better or worse. Here are four tips for decorating your home with mirrors. Reflect on these the next time you’re considering new décor!

Let There Be (More) Light

We see ourselves in mirrors, of course, because their smoothness reflects light. Whatever light hits the surface of a mirror bounces back. Depending on the shape and size of the mirror, the light can either concentrate in one place or disperse across an area. That makes mirrors wonderful devices for bringing brightness to dark rooms. Placing a mirror across from a window that gets plenty of sunlight during the day can truly light up a space and lighten the mood as well. Naturally, mirrors reflect electric light as well, so if a smaller room feels especially dark, use mirrors to spread the illumination wealth, as it were.

Offer Illusions

Want to add a new room to your home—at least visually? A large mirror on one wall can create the illusion of extra space in a small area. Floor-to-ceiling mirrors are especially good at creating this effect. And when two mirrors reflect one another, the effect is glorious. Mirrors that meet at a corner create an even more convincing illusion of an expanded space. But don’t overdo it. Too many mirrors can look a bit cheap and tacky and may even cause an accident or two! As long as you’re mindful, you can effectively make a small room look bigger with mirrors!

Have Multiple Mirrors

While large mirrors produce the illusion of multiple rooms, multiple mirrors of varying sizes can help devise elegant displays. You still get the benefit of extra light and perceived space, with the bonus of the individual mirrors’ frames and styles. Go eclectic with many different forms, shapes, and materials, or use multiple versions of the same kind of mirror for a more uniform look. Mirrors break up the monotony of a solid-colored wall and can even interplay with whatever art and photographs you have displayed. Add texture and depth!

Reflect on Location

Wherever you choose to display your mirrors, make sure that when people gaze into them, they’ll like what they see. That’s no comment on their looks. Rather, it’s a suggestion to hold the mirror up against the wall, right where you plan to put it, and see what it reflects. If it shows a busy background of clutter and unsightliness, consider placing it elsewhere. Note the path of the sun and the placement of your lamps as well. If the mirror “blasts” a certain chair or couch with glare, once again, you should pick another spot.

Those are just four tips for decorating your home with mirrors. Do you require more ideas for decoration but need to stay within a budget? We offer buy now, pay later bedroom furniture and other lovely pieces at affordable prices!