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Blog / 9 Tips for Creating a Luxurious and Relaxing Bedroom Oasis

9 Tips for Creating a Luxurious and Relaxing Bedroom Oasis

Your bedroom is truly a place to get away from it all while never leaving home. You spend seven to eight hours a day leaving the world behind by going to sleep. But your bedroom can be so much more than a place to sleep. With a few basic adjustments, you can turn it into a space where you can rest, read, relax, recreate, and collect yourself. Change is possible, whether you have a big or small budget. You may make your room so comfortable and inviting, you’ll never want to leave! Here are nine tips for creating a luxurious and relaxing bedroom oasis.

Better Bedding

The centerpiece of any bedroom is, clearly, the bed. Have you picked the right mattress and bedding for your comfort and purposes? Pick a bedframe that fits the room and gives you space to spread out, but which doesn’t dominate the room. Pick a mattress with excellent comfort and support, based on your sleep position and whether you need softer or firmer support. Don’t neglect your back! Finally, make sure your linens and blankets are cozy enough, providing warmth and a luxurious sensation whenever you slip under the covers. And don’t neglect the pillows. More is always better, but leave room to sleep!

Color Your World

Picking the right paint for your room and a sense of relaxation is important. You may be more partial to louder and flashier hues everywhere else but keep things calmer in your bedroom. Pastels and muted colors create a more restful space to fall asleep and wake up in. A more serene feeling is a better backdrop for work, play, and more if you use your bedroom during the day for other purposes. Pick your favorite colors, but if you need ideas, go with a cream or soft blue, green, or yellow.

Keep It Clean

Nothing is more unsettling or irritating than a messy room. It’s harder to relax if you’re stumbling over clutter, constantly looking for missing things, or otherwise surrounded by chaos. Regularly clean up and assess what you do and don’t need in the room. Declutter periodically. You can sleep better when your space is free of extraneous nonsense. Adding more storage to your closet, under the bed, and elsewhere in the room can also free your mind and field of vision of messiness.

Go Green

Share your room with a selection of green friends. Plants add natural beauty, fresh air, and pleasant scents to any room, but they work especially well in bedrooms. Decorate the windows, furniture, and floor with pots and other containers fostering life. And flowering plants periodically for a pop of color. Plenty of plants are out there that provide beauty without requiring a ton of upkeep if you worry about killing them. Ask your local home and garden center for suggestions. Having enough plants around can give a room an Edenic vibe!

Let There Be Lights

Light is important for transforming a dark and uninviting space into a bright and lovelier one. Make sure your bedroom is a clean well-lit place by leaving the windows open more often and adding curtains or blinds to adjust the amount of sunlight streaming in. Sunlight can uplift your mood, add warmth, and save money when you rely on it more than electric lighting. But don’t forget to pick up a few lamps and lightbulbs that provide a soft yet adequate level of lighting at night.

A Place To Sit

Every bedroom needs a bed to sleep in, of course, but have you considered the importance of having a place to sit and be alone with your thoughts? Pick a comfortable chair with plenty of ergonomic qualities like back support. A recliner can provide a place to read, watch TV, and even catch a snooze when the bed is just too far away to do so. Make sure the chair doesn’t interfere with the ebb and flow of the room, sticking out where you need to walk and otherwise move about. And never let a chair be a catch-all for clothing and other things. Doing so will disrupt the chair’s purpose and the room’s overall feeling.

Heaven Scent

Scent is an important part of making a space more relaxing. You’ll never feel comfortable in your room if it smells like stale air and gym socks. We’ve mentioned the air-freshening qualities of plants, of course, but consider air fresheners and scented candles. Calming odors of flowers, waterfalls, grassy fields, and other simulated natural scents can fill the room and put you at ease. And take advantage of the outside air any time of year. Giving your room a blast of fresh air can improve your attitude, revive the room’s atmosphere, and even provide a jolt of scents and temperatures, whether it’s the first days of spring or the deepest days of winter. Fun tip: winter air is fresher and freer of bacteria and other illness-causing elements! So, don’t be afraid to let the cool breeze in.

Keep Things Simple

We all like to see our homes’ walls covered with pictures, photos, and other accouterments. We like to see our stuff. But keep the bedroom’s décor simple. Put up a few pieces of art or photos, except for ones that sustain the motif of relaxation. Vacation shots, images of natural beauty, and abstracts that put one in a more placid state of mind are all ideal, but even then, keep the decorations to a minimum. Blank walls are a blank canvas that also creates the illusion of a calm and spreading place and space.

Touch and Feel

Here’s the last of our nine tips for creating a luxurious and relaxing bedroom oasis. Make sure your bedroom doesn’t offer any rough spots, sharp angles, or rugged spaces. Pick a spreading area rug that covers the space from corner to corner and find one that offers a cool look and soft touch. Find less angular furniture and ensure your bed is cozy. Cover it with a big comfy comforter and lots of blankets. Finally, set aside a space for meditation and self-care.

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