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Buyer's Guide to Choosing & Financing Bedroom Furniture

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary from the world, the place you go to decompress, relax, and rest. It should be comfortable and cozy. Without the right furniture, though, you won’t be able to get comfortable and do all that relaxing. We’ve compiled a buyer’s guide to choosing and financing bedroom furniture so that you can get the right pieces that will help you stay comfortable on a budget. Keep reading to learn more.

Measure Your Space

Before choosing your furniture pieces, you must know how much space you have in your bedroom. You don’t want to get to the store, fall in love with a piece, pay for it, and bring it home only to realize it doesn’t clear your ceiling or blocks a window. Start by measuring your floor space, your doorways, your ceiling height, and your window height. Then, write all those measurements down. If you can, draw a rough sketch of your room with the measurements so that you remember exactly where the doors and windows are and how big they are. This will be especially helpful if you’re shopping for furniture for a new space and are just getting used to the layout.

Measure Your Home’s Entrance

Another spot that you need to measure is the entrance to your home. This is the first obstacle your new furniture will have to get through. Before shopping, you need to know what will and won’t fit. If your home has more than one entrance, measure the biggest one, as that will probably be the one you’ll be taking your furniture through. If all the entrances appear to be the same size, then measure all of them to see if one is larger. Choose your entrance by how easily you can bring the furniture in if you find that their measurements are identical. This means if one of the entrances leads into an immediate sharp turn or has low ceilings, you should choose an alternative entrance that doesn’t have those obstacles.

Know the Room’s Function

Another piece of information you need to know before you start furniture shopping is how the room will function. If this is for your primary bedroom, then you need to choose pieces that will be the most functional for your lifestyle. Consider if you will have anyone sharing your bed with you, such as a significant other, children, or pets, as this will determine your mattress size. Think about how you prefer to store your clothes. That way, you’ll know whether or not you want a dresser. Check if you have the space for a bedside table and so on.

Know Who’s Using It

If the bedroom you’re shopping for isn’t yours and will belong to a guest or a child, then consider their needs. Guest rooms should have furniture that will make people’s stay easy and comfortable. So include a bed big enough for couples, a dresser that can store at least a week’s worth of clothes, and lighting options so that they won’t be fumbling in the dark for a light switch. Children’s rooms should be functional for their age and habits, which can mean a toy chest for younger children and a desk for older kids. Since they’re constantly growing and changing, consider how you’ll incorporate clothing storage and storage for keepsakes and other items. If your child is old enough, bring them with you to pick our furniture so that they’ll be happy with the pieces and want to keep them for a long time.

Choose a Decorating Style

Now that you know your measurements and the room’s function, you can choose a decorating style. There are lots of decorating style options, and you can even choose to create your own eclectic pieces that transcend a specific style if you want. The point is to pick a style or mixture of styles that will keep you comfortable and help your bedroom feel like a sanctuary.

Style Examples

Modern bedrooms are simple, sleek, and look best in monochromatic shades, especially black, white, and gray. Vintage bedrooms are elegant and primarily use light colors and soft fabrics to remind you of days gone by. Bohemian bedrooms are electric, using pops of color and patterns to create a bright, joyful mood. Rustic bedrooms focus on wood accents and neutral, earthy colors for a calming look. There are many other decorative styles, but these four are some of the most popular.

Pick the Right Colors

Most decorative styles come with suggested color schemes for everything in a room, from your furniture to your walls. While following these suggestions will help your room have a cohesive design, some of the suggestions can result in a room that you’re not comfortable in. Take these suggestions into consideration when choosing your furniture and designing your room, but don’t treat them like a hard-and-fast rule book. Your furniture, accessories, and walls should be in colors and shades that you enjoy and make you feel comfortable in your room.

Color Suggestions

As we mentioned above, each decorative style will come with its own color suggestions that you can take into consideration as you decorate your room. Just keep in mind that certain colors can change how the space affects you. Darker colors will make a room cozy, but without proper lighting, they can also make the room feel gloomy. Lighter colors will make a room feel bigger and airy. However, they’ll also reveal defects more easily, meaning if you scuff or scratch any light surface, you’ll be able to see it immediately.

Keep Your Budget in Mind

Shopping for bedroom furniture can be lots of fun. Your bedroom is a place that’s completely yours, and you can customize it to look and feel however you want. But building a new bedroom with new furniture pieces can also get expensive. Knowing your budget before entering the store and keeping that budget in mind while you shop is essential to choosing and financing bedroom furniture that you love and can afford.

Financing Options

If you’re worried that your upfront budget won’t cover all your furniture needs, you should look into financing options. Grand Furniture is proud to offer bedroom furniture with monthly payments and little to no down payment. So you can get the pieces you need to build a comfortable sanctuary without breaking the bank. Come into our store or get prequalified online so that you can start shopping with financial peace of mind.

It's important to measure your space, know the room’s function, choose a decorative style, pick the right colors, and keep your budget in mind while you shop. Hopefully, our guide to choosing and financing bedroom furniture has helped you. Once you know what furniture pieces can fit, what style and colors you want, and how you can afford them, you can enjoy shopping and bring home pieces you love without breaking the bank.