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Blog / Creating a Feng Shui Bedroom: Tips for a Peaceful Space

Creating a Feng Shui Bedroom: Tips for a Peaceful Space

A bedroom needs to be more than a place to sleep. It needs to be a place to dream as well. But pleasant dreams might escape you in a cluttered, disorganized room. Some people subscribe to the Chinese practice and philosophy of feng shui. Directly translated, it means “wind water” and suggests the layout of a place or space influences the flow of chi, a sort of life energy that pervades everything. Whether you believe in chi and feng shui or not, there’s something to be said for creating a room layout that accentuates visual and physical flow. If you’re considering creating a feng shui bedroom, here are a few tips for a peaceful space.

Placing the Bed

A bed is usually the centerpiece of any bedroom. It’s certainly the most noticeable, and it takes up the most space. With that in mind, be sure to put it where it works best. Feng shui and common sense dictate placing the head or backboard of the bed against a wall. This provides stability and ensures the bed is as far removed from the rest of the room as possible, allowing for more area to walk and so forth. A solidly situated bed can also feel more secure, giving a good view of the rest of the room when you fall asleep and wake up.

Seeking Balance

If space allows, place two nightstands or end tables on either side of the head of the bed. This provides surfaces and possibly drawers for storing things: books, your phone, an alarm clock, and so on. Having two tables also provides a better sense of balance and simply looks better than a lopsided single nightstand scene. Of course, if you don’t have the space or if your bed is shoved into the corner, a single nightstand will do, but pick one that’s open and not blocky.

Choosing To Soothe

When you select a paint for your bedroom, go with a soothing color, like a pastel or pleasantly creamy white. Harsh colors and designs are jarring, and while that may be your style, consider what you’ll see the moment the first rays of sunlight hit the walls, waking you up. Softer greens, blues, pinks, and yellows are all fine choices, and they’ll also make the room seem wider.

Clearing Clutter

Every culture has a belief in decluttering. Reduce the contents of your room to the basics. Don’t store much or anything under your bed. Keep pathways clear and remove barely used extra furniture from your room. While it’s nice to have a workspace or workout room nearby, seeing any undone work or abandoned weights and exercise pads can create anxiety. Keep decorations on the walls simple as well. Too many pictures, posters, and the like are visually cacophonous.

If you have other questions about creating a feng shui bedroom and need tips for a peaceful space, contact us for a consultation. We can also discuss bedroom furniture financing so you can outfit your sleeping chambers in style and calming grace.