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Debunking 5 Common Myths About Mattress Buying

Most people dread the day they have to buy a mattress. They know their mattress is an important part of their bedroom and home, but they hate the shopping process. If you feel the same way, we can help! Your mattress-buying hatred probably comes from some common myths about the buying process. We’ve debunked five of those myths below to make the shopping process easier for you.

All Mattresses Age the Same

One of the reasons you may dread mattress shopping is you think you’ll be back in a few years doing it all over again. However, not all mattresses age the same. While most mattresses do last around a decade, innerspring can last less time, while gel-infused foam can last longer. The aging process also depends on the frequency of use and how you maintain the mattress.

You Need a Lifetime Warranty

Calculating warranties can also give many mattress shoppers a headache. While warranties can be useful in certain circumstances, you usually don’t need one. Why? You probably won’t get a chance to use it. Many lifetime warranties don’t cover regular mattress wear and tear problems and only apply to the materials inside your mattress. Focus more on your mattress than the warranty, and shopping may go smoother.

You Should Immediately Love Your Mattress

Buying a mattress comes with a lot of pressure. Many people worry that if they don’t immediately fall in love with a particular mattress, they’ll get stuck with one they hate. You should try out different mattresses to find the best one for your body and sleeping habits, but you probably won’t immediately love it. Your body will need to adjust to your new mattress, which can take about a month.

Mattresses Are Expensive

Certain types of mattresses will cost different amounts, but the average cost of a mattress is $1,000. While that’s expensive for some people, that’s only $100 a year for the life of the mattress, which is a pretty good deal. If you’re on a strict budget when mattress shopping, then you can ask about financing options that will help you get the mattress you want at a price you can afford.

Expensive Mattresses Are Better

Just because financing is an option doesn’t mean you have to buy the most expensive mattress. You should choose your mattress based on your sleeping habits and comfort level, not based on price. Expensive mattresses aren’t necessarily better—keep this in mind if you find a cheaper mattress that is more comfortable and will work better in your home.

Debunking these common myths about mattress buying can make your shopping experience more pleasurable. If these last two myths hit close to home, rest assured that you can buy mattresses on credit with financing options at Grand Furniture. We want to help you find the mattress of your dreams so you can enjoy sweet dreams for years to come!